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At MCL Roofing, we’ve been working on Victoria’s residential and commercial property rooftops for seventeen years. Our people know what they’re doing, and this shines through in the quality of the work delivered.

Our team offers a collective experience of well over a century of roofing expertise, and each one of our roofing professionals is fully licensed and insured to all applicable standards.

Residential Housing Roof Work

A residential rooftop needs to be extremely sturdy to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable through all kinds of inclement weather. You wouldn’t look at a leak in your home’s roof the same way you would at a leak in the roof of the back room at a small business, and neither do we. We’re thorough and attentive in all of the work that we perform, but we’ve become familiar over the years with the particular weak spots and points of concern in a typical residential rooftop. We focus on those areas, saving time and money, while providing you with exceptional and affordable results. We also keep ahead of current trends in the roofing industry and are excited by solar roof tiles hitting the shores of Australia.

Commercial & Factory Roofing

MCL Roofing has provided high-performance commercial property and factory roof work since we first opened our doors in 1999. Like other commercial property roof work, but to a significantly greater extent, factory roof work has a lot of specific concerns – including utility hookups, all-weather proofing, and industrial grade materials, just to name a few. Our specialized team would be happy to answer any questions that you have, at any point in the process. Our eco-friendly methods are affordable and tax-friendly, and we will provide you with the highest quality of roof work that you’ve ever experienced. Our work is guaranteed to last you for years, despite the rigors of running a high-demand industrial business.

Steel Fascia & Guttering Installation

We install, maintain and repair steel fascia and guttering for a high-quality, high-performance add-on to your home which also works to improve the overall appearance of your property. A solid and sturdy steel fascia band adds a layer of protection around the edge of your roof which can stand up to years of abuse from even the worst weather extremes. It’s chip-free, and can be fabricated to blend in with the appearance of the rest of your house, even imitating the appearance of wood grain. Steel fascia has a positive effect on your home’s curb appeal, that oft-neglected property which improves the value of your home based upon its appearance “at a glance” from the street’s edge.

Colorbond Roofing

As a certified Colorbond roofing installer, MCL are able to install new Colorbond roofs, repair existing roofs and provide advice on best practises for maintaining your structure to last a lifetime. Colorbond steel roofing comes in 22 colours able to be matched to the look of your home, and with a durable baked on paint finish will last years even in the harshest Australian conditions without cracking or peeling. Contact us today if you’re interested in Colorbond roofing for your home or business.

Multi Unit Site Work

When you have multiple connected units, you may find yourself with conjoined roofs that blend multiple architectural styles – or have other varied function, relative to the function of the units beneath them. At the same time, any roof work being done needs to take into consideration that the roof is itself a unified entity. MCL Roofing excels at multi unit site work, applying all relevant concerns to each section of roofing without sacrificing the integrity of the roof as a whole. Our professional teams offer decades of cumulative experience in working with roofs that span multiple units, which at one time were an extremely popular architectural choice – and are making a comeback now, in certain areas.

Asbestos Assessment, Remediation, and Removal

We possess the required training to assess the presence of asbestos insulation and tile within a roof and the associated building structure. This kind of work is beyond the scope of many roofing companies, but at MCL it’s just one more service we’ve chosen to provide. It takes specialised training and state certification to assess the presence of, or the hazard posed by, asbestos products within a structure today. Separate certification, as well as special equipment, is required to facilitate the removal of said asbestos, or to supervise a removal operation. MCL offers all of the requisite training and certification within its team; you don’t have to worry about finding someone who can finish the job, once the problem has been identified. By handling everything in house, we can pass additional savings on to you, and you’ll pay less than you would if you were to hire another firm to do the work separately – as well as saving yourself some time!

At MCL Roofing, our contractor team will install a roof on a new house. We’ll also re-roof, work commercial property, and perform extensions that perfectly match the existing roof – without weakening the overall integrity of the structure. Here are just a handful of the specific services that we provide; feel free to call anytime during regular business hours, and to inquire of our trained administrative staff about the full range of services we have on offer!

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